ARCOART Magalie Troy

Bretagne - FRANCE

Heritage Art Restoration Studio



Code of ethics for Restorer of cultural heritage :

Reversibilty   of our intervention
Treatment  stability
Esthetic   legibility
During treatment our main aim is to adhere to the Artists’ original intention whilst retaining the patina of age. Our Studio policy is to ensure that all materials used are easily reversible and all our products are of an internationally recognized standard.

The first alteration cause of a painting is the natural ageing of materials but even to solve an accumulation of dirt du to the age, to humidity, to an instable environment, or a fumigation following to a fire, alterations due to water damages, or tears due to a moving or a transportation, we can supply the following work :

  • Preliminary scientific examination
  • Improvement of storage and display methods
  • Conservation and restoration treatment
  • Stabilisation treatment
  • Preventive measures

  • Condition report
  • Diagnosis
  • Curative treatment
  • Transportation and Packing supervision
  • Photography
  • Treatment report
  • Improvement of storage and display methods
  • Conservation advice
  • Advice and management of installation and dismounting of pictures
  • Advice on storage and shipping
  • Conveying works of art
  • Advice on collection care
  • Report and treatment proposal ( for Insurance compagnies before/after damages )
  • Exhibition
  • Conference
Training courses
  • For Conservation-Restoration students and art students
  • Please send your resume and cover letter to Magalie Troy, Cultural Heritage Restorer
  • Training for Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat du Morbihan :
  • For professionals: framer, art dealers...
  • Information and registration, please send your message to SREF Mme Soulard Sandrine :

Some of that services can be covered if a disaster occured, by your house or civil liability insurance contract.


Heritage Art Restoration - Work completed